Monday, January 2, 2012

Despite China's Rise not a Single Chinese Brand on Interbrand Global 2011 Top 100 List

While U.S. politicians ratchet up the threat of China to challenge U.S. capitalism and business, it is important to note that 49 out of the Interbrand Best 100 Global Brands 2011 list are U.S. firms and not a single Chinese brand made the coveted list. Marketing power house, Apple, led the Interbrand list with the largest annual change in brand value - surging 58%. Germany with respected brands like Mercedes, BMW and SAP is the closest runner up with 10 top global brands, while France and Japan share third place with 7 top global brands each. Time will tell when Geely which bought Volvo in 2010, BYD with investment by Warren Buffet, or Huawei will make the Interbrand Global Brand list. With such a formidable lead in global branding, U.S. politicians would better serve their constituents by focusing inward on how to invest in long-term R&D, primary - university Education, and Community Infrastructure to ensure American businesses remain competitive against global competition.

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